TreCeuticals – The Story

It was late 2019 when two retired friends, Sharon Skaar and Erin Dodd, were enjoying wine around a fire pit in Scottsdale, AZ and began a conversation that would soon change their lives forever. They talked about what many women talk about –skincare and the aesthetic movement; what they liked and didn’t like and the self-esteem that goes along with having glowing skin. As the wine flowed, so did the creativity, and their conversation moved to the back of a cocktail napkin. With thousands of products on the market, they wanted to develop a powerful line that would be easy to use, with minimal steps. They set out to create not just a status quo skincare line but rather a game-changer. 

 Without knowing how dramatically the world would be changing in 2020 and all the challenges to come, Sharon and Erin set out on a journey with determination and resilience to disrupt the skincare industry by providing simple, uncompromising, gender-neutral products for all skin types. Drawing expertise from both of their careers – Sharon, a former Wall Street banker, spent over 25 years in executive management, with a track record of leadership, innovation and known for achieving results through outside-the-box problem solving. Erin, known in the luxury fashion world for creating successful teams with creativity and innovation to drive long-term results, blended their gifts of critical and creative thinking. This balance proved to be the perfect recipe for success and TreCeuticals, a WOMEN-OWNED and WOMEN-POWERED company, was born. 

The goal was to combine science with nature and create skin-loving products. As Sharon stated, “We’ve taken three essential scientifically-proven active ingredients – retinol, hydroxy acids and antioxidants, formulated at pharmaceutical grade levels and supercharged them with a calming plant-powered oil to give women AND men the results they want in three simple steps, three minutes a day. The Power of Three!”

When asked about why she came out of retirement to start a new business, Erin shared, “I have a deep passion for community & giving back. Before we realized it, our visions became our reality and our company was born with a solid foundation. My dream is to leave behind a legacy.”

Sharon and Erin are also on a mission to add more love to the world by empowering women, practicing inclusivity and giving back to the community. In light of this, they have committed to donating a percentage of their proceeds toward several organizations that also help empower women from all backgrounds. 

Although TreC has grown very quickly, glowing skin lovers have lots more surprises ahead as these two powerhouse women have only just begun. 

“Cheers to our journey of business and friendship and to your best skin ever! ❤️

-Sharon & Erin