Our Story

Sharon and Erin, Founders of TreCeuticals

We’re two great friends and retired businesswomen who are extremely passionate about sisterhood, inclusiveness, our community, the environment and giving back.  We’re on a mission to create simplified skincare solutions that ACTUALLY WORK! Over the years we’ve grown tired of trying different brands that don’t live up to their promise. Our goal was to create products that are effective for all skin types and simple to use.

TreCeuticals was founded in late 2019. In early 2020, we all faced an unprecedented challenge.  Certainly not what we intended but quitting was not an option. It was clear to us that we could push through every single obstacle every single day because we’re committed to this journey. We gathered the right resources and together we launched a game changing brand. 

Our goal with TreC is to combine science with nature. We took three essential scientifically proven active ingredients – retinol, hydroxy acids and antioxidants, combined them with calming plant powered oil and formulated at pharmaceutical grade levels to give you the results you want in just three simple steps, three minutes a day. The Power of Three! 

Taking care of your skin should be easy! We know, because we made it that way!

Cheers to the best skin ever! ❤️ Sharon & Erin