Sharon Skaar

CEO & Founder

Former Wall Street executive, Sharon Skaar, is a seasoned leader and innovator with a 25-year career in executive management at the nation’s largest financial institution. Recognized for her powerhouse leadership and innovative approach to value-driven solutions, Sharon navigated a male-dominated industry to manage sales teams of hundreds of people across the Western Hemisphere, with a portfolio representing over $500mil. Her clients were some of the largest companies in the world. 

Although Sharon was raised in both Texas and Arkansas, she retired to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2007, where she seized the opportunity to travel the world, play golf and expand her reach into her community with local organizations such as Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. She has a deep love for dogs, especially her precious little Westie, Anna. She thrives on being in the kitchen, cooking and entertaining with friends, lots of them! Her creativity is evident when you see her lovely home decorated with exquisite taste. Sharon highly values friendship, inclusiveness, honesty and loyalty. Spend any time with her and she’ll exude all of those qualities.

Her impeccable work ethic and tenacity to succeed taught her what it means to work hard for what you want and keep going, even in difficult times. Her vision and determination are what drives her in all aspects of life. Sharon laughingly tells this story, “I taught myself to tie my own shoes at two years old. I would sit on the floor and keep trying until I figured it out. Although my mom would try to help, my grandmother would stop her, saying, ‘don’t ever break her spirit!” Sharon says she uses that approach with everything in life. If it’s something she wants to do, she just figures it out!

In 2019, Sharon came out of retirement and brought with her that same tenacity and vision to launch TreCeuticals alongside co-founder, Erin Dodd. As TreCeuticals CEO, Sharon is only at the beginning of her mission to disrupt the skincare industry from the inside out …and anything else she decides to disrupt along the way!

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