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Three Powerful Ingredients + CBD

Our game-changing skincare is now available in professional strength! TreMD blends the best of nature and science to give your client's smoother, brighter, younger looking skin. Infused with calming CBD, our products harness the power of scientifically proven, medical-grade ingredients to renew skin’s youthful glow while reversing the damaging effects of sun exposure, stress and other environmental factors.
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Priming Cleanser

Foaming Wash

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Infusing Hydrator

Facial Moisturizer

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Mist Me Baby!

Hydrating Skin Spritz

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Sunday Peel

Weekly TreActives

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Everyday But Sunday PRO

Daily TreActives

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Everyday But Sunday Pro Plus

Daily TreActives Extra Strength

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Eye Love

Infusing Eye Cream

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Post Procedure Kit

Recovery Cream and Mist

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Recovery Cream

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Damage Control

Tinted Sunscreen

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Damage Control

Non-Tinted Sunscreen

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Brighten Me

Brightening Serum

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More Hydration Please!

HA/CBD Serum

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Our Formula

Increases cell turnover, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and pores while enhancing texture and tone.

Hydroxy Acids
Smooth, brighten and exfoliate your skin allowing new cells to emerge and create that youthful glow.

Nourish, protect and rejuvenate your skin while reducing the harmful effects of free radical damage.

Known for its soothing and healing benefits, our oil is sourced from certified organic providers.

Meet the Team Behind TreMD


Sharon Skaar

CEO & Co-Founder

Sharon Skaar is a leader, innovator and seasoned executive. She spent her career in executive management at the nation’s largest financial institution. Her vision and tenacity is what drives her to succeed in all aspects of life. She brings that same tenacity and vision to TreCeuticals.


Erin Dodd

President & Co-Founder

Erin Dodd is an innovative leader who possesses over forty years of retail management and ownership experience in world of luxury fashion, beauty and health industries. Underlying Erin’s hard work is her passion to help empower women and give back to her community.

Dr. Jackie

Dr. Jackie Youtsos

Director of Clinical & Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Youtsos is the founder of ReNu Medical & Spa and serves as TreCeuticals & TreMD’s dermatology consultant. Jackie established ReNu Medical & Spa in 2016 and has served over 7,500 patients for medical & cosmetic dermatology services and is known for her compassionate, patient-focused care.

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Our Story

We’re two great friends and retired businesswomen who are extremely passionate about sisterhood, inclusiveness, our community, the environment and giving back. We’re on a mission to create simplified skincare solutions that ACTUALLY WORK! Over the years we’ve grown tired of trying different brands that don’t live up to their promise. Our goal was to create products that are effective for all skin types and simple to use.

TreCeuticals and TreMD were founded in late 2019 and launched during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Certainly not what we intended but quitting was not an option. It was clear to us that we could push through every single obstacle every single day because we’re committed to this journey. We gathered the right resources and together we launched a game changing brand. Giving back is extremely important to us so we partnered with Fresh Start Women’s Foundation to not only give a portion of all sales but to also give our time empowering other women and teaching them how to become resilient.

Our goal with TreC is to combine science with nature. We took three essential scientifically proven active ingredients – retinol, hydroxy acids and antioxidants and formulated them at pharmaceutical grade levels to give you the results you want in just three simple steps, three minutes a day. The Power of Three! To really make TreCeuticals a game-changer, we went one step further by adding high quality full spectrum CBD to every product. This is what sets us apart from all other skincare products on the market.

Taking care of your skin should be easy! We know, because we made it that way! Cheers to the best skin ever!

-Sharon & Erin

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