Community Involvement

Pictured left to right: Erin Miles and Sharon Skaar of TreCeuticals with Cathy Kleeman and Amy Videan of Fresh Start 

TreCeuticals is standing strong with our community as we join forces with Fresh Start Women's Foundation.

Part of our core values at TreCeuticals is being community focused and giving back! As a part of our collaboration with Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, we donate a portion of our sales each month as well as our time to their resource center, women's programs, and events to help the resilient women of our community. 

Fresh Start's values very much align with what we are about as a company -  women empowering other women to achieve whatever they want to achieve! Like Fresh Start, we are a company founded by women and with your support, we are building something special. 

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Fresh Start's Mission

Fresh Start Women's Foundation provides education, resources and support for women to positively transform their lives and strengthen our community.

Fresh Start believes that we all have the capacity for resilience and that people can change and cope despite extraordinary odds. Through our services, our clients learn not to put limits on their vision and to develop their resiliency skills.

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Customer Reviews

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168 reviews
Lise Brovitz
Great Product

I was referred to TreCeuticals by my friend Tami. I was using another product line when I found the Everyday but Sunday Facial Pads. I fell in love with them and how my skin felt every day. Now, I would not use anything else ! I am a believer!

Zoe Wambach
The best!

I have been using the TreC line since it became available. My skin has never been better! Plus it is so easy to use! I love every single product! I have now found my forever skin care products!

Susan Lundy
Love it!

Being 64, I’ve run the gamut of trying skin care lines! Living in AZ half the year, KS the other, I expose my skin to diverse elements. I love the simplicity of using the products, as well as, the dermatological grade ingredients. Can’t wait for sunscreen to be added! Another wonderful WOMEN owned business that I highly recommend for all!

Nancy L.
Loving these products!

I've been using TreCeuticals for almost a year and I love how my skin feels and looks. My most favorite feature is the ease of the pads to get my skin what it needs!

Claire Rock
clean skin

I have been using the full line of products for about a year now. My skin feels much cleaner and pore size has been reduced. Just wish there was a sunscreen product available.