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Yes, Men Need a Skincare Routine Too!

Men Need a Skincare Routine Too

Finding time to stay at home with the kids, becoming better at communication, talking about your feelings, days off, your ability to laugh at yourself—yes, guys, these are things that get better with age. But one thing that doesn't get better with age is your skin. So if you want to find out why real men need a skincare routine too, continue reading.

Men Need To Evolve To Taking Care Of Their Skin

Nobody wants to look old, and this goes for men as well. But a lot of guys are hesitant to jump on the skincare bandwagon for the simple fact that it feels like...not a guy thing.

Not a guy thing? Well, last we look, men have skin too. So yes, men do need a skincare routine. Still don't believe us, or maybe you just need that extra push? If this is the case, ask one of your teenagers’ friends how old you look, and you may reconsider. Or don't put yourself through that and take our advice when it comes to all things skincare. As the last we looked, there is not a Best Silver Foxes Esquire issue equivalent for sagging skin and wrinkles.

Simple 3- Step Skincare Routine

We get it skincare can be overwhelming, so we suggest the crawl, walk, run approach with three simple steps, three minutes a day, yes that is all you need!  If the regimen is too complex, most will give up before you start.

Something else you need for skincare success is having the proper mindset, instead of looking at it as anti-aging and that you "have to" have a skincare routine. Look at skincare the same way you take care of your car or home, with upkeep and maintenance.

For example, skincare products are like oil changes for your vehicle that keep them up and running; you need skincare for your skin to keep it at its peak performance. Or a home, you wouldn't let your siding crack or let the paint chip off, would you? Most would say no, you want to take care and invest, and your skin is no different.

Some other things to keep you on track: 

  • Commitment, yeah, we know that word can be scary to some men, but consistency is key to healthy skin. 
  • Use products designed to work together to save time and minimize the reaction by sticking with a skincare brand that offers an entire skincare line.
  • Scents make no sense. Skincare products heavily scented are a big no, no. While they may smell pretty, they are not pretty for the skin. Fragrances can contain synthetic ingredients that can cause irritations, breakouts, even an allergic reaction. 

Why Men Should Not Wash Your Face With A Bar Of Soap By Treceuticals Skincare

Wash Your Face, But Not With A Bar Of Soap

The first step is to trade in that soap for a hydrating foaming face cleanser. Yes, a bar of soap does a fantastic job of getting your body clean by removing dirt and oils, so wouldn't you want to use it to clean your face too? Nope! Soaps do their job a little too well, removing so much oil that it strips the skin of its natural protective barrier, leaving your skin dull, dry, flaky, and itchy.

A Smarter Shave

Ever notice a picture of yourself on Facebook and think, I do not look so great, I must be tired. No, that rugged look you see is from the dead skin cells building up on your face. Although shaving exfoliates the skin, you want to add some additional exfoliation to help remove any dirt and dead skin cells.

Exfoliants are to skincare what sanders are to spackle on drywall, they clear any debris (dead skin cells and clogged pores) leaving you with a smoother, softer surface. This will allow you to get a tighter shave, which equals smoother, younger-looking skin.

Also, cleansing and exfoliating before you shave will cut down on the likelihood of ingrown hairs. Speaking of ingrown hairs, that brings us to our next tip. 

Why rubbing your face with a towel can cause premature aging By Treceuticals Skincare

Pat Your Face, Do Not Rub Your Face

Now you probably never gave much thought when it came to drying your face or thought it had anything to do with a skincare routine, but it does! Here are some tips to remember: 

  • Make sure to use a fresh, clean towel. Washcloths can become an ideal nesting place for mildew, bacteria, and more. The last thing you want to do is put this back on your clean, shaven face and opened pores. Aside from infections and blemishes, bacteria can cause inflammation, which can lead to wrinkles!
  • When drying, make sure to pat dry. Rubbing pulls and tugs on the skin leading to premature aging.

Skincare Products For Men

Now that we got that out of the way let's get into some skincare products.

Best CBD skincare products for men By Treceuticals Skincare

Use Skincare Products With Active Ingredients In Them

Ok, that sounds great, but what are active ingredients, you ask? Active ingredients are the ingredients contained within skincare products that actually work to address the skin concern the product is meant to target. In addition, they are the ingredients that have been scientifically proven to have the desired effect, meaning the product will do what it says it will. And this is precisely what the TreCeutical's skincare line offers. Three powerful active ingredients, three simple steps, three minutes a day is all you need. TreCeuticals is the first product of its kind to combine highly effective, scientifically advanced active ingredients combined with full-spectrum oil.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Over time, the skin can get dry, flaky, and worn from the environment, and it needs some protection, just like protecting a leather coat or shoes. Your skin needs regular protection to keep it looking fresh with an infusing hydrator!  

Have Some Full Spectrum Oil

Wait...Full Spectrum Oil is something I want? The answer is yes! And the good news is that Full Spectrum Oil  is one of the active ingredients in the TreCeuticals skincare line!

Full Spectrum Oil is a natural moisturizer that contains vitamins and other powerful nutrients that your skin will love! Not only can skincare infused with full spectrum oil help to maintain a more youthful complexion, but the antioxidants found in it can also assist in fighting free radicals, that lead to premature aging.

Keep Your Eye On Your Eyes

You look in the mirror, and what are those crinkly areas around the eyes that you see? Crow's feet! While we may say the eyes are the windows to our souls, they present a clear picture of something else; aging skin, as unfortunately, this thin, delicate skin around the eyes is prone to wrinkling.

Add that to the fact the eyes have likely fallen prey to sun exposure combined with repeated actions of squinting and rubbing your eyes. This area will soon be the home to roost in crow's feet. Not something you want for those peepers? Then consider adding an infused eye cream to reduces puffiness, dark circles and fine lines for smoother, brighter, younger looking eyes.

To Sum It Up

A healthy skincare routine doesn’t have to be overly complicated with a large list of confusing skincare products. Men’s skincare can be knocked out with three powerful active ingredients, three simple steps, three minutes a day! So implementing a skincare routine isn’t a scary huge commitment. 


Author: Barbie Ritzman

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