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Tips To Spring Cleaning Your Skincare Products And Routine

 Tips To Spring Cleaning Your Skincare Products And Routine By Treceuticals


Spring is finally here, and it brings a transition to warmer temperatures, humidity, more hours of daylight, flip-flops, and spring dresses! This start of a new season change also calls for some preparation and some much-needed Spring cleaning. With new and healthy skincare habits and products, that is!
So, while you're going through your cabinets, closets, and garage for Spring cleaning, don't forget about Spring cleaning your skincare products as well. Out with the old and in with the new (and who doesn't love some new skincare).

Revamp Your Skincare Products Every Spring

Many have skincare they have never even opened or did open but rarely used. Hence, you need to take an honest look at what's in your stockpile and reorganize by asking yourself these essential questions:
Question 1: When Did I Open This?
This is one area we may not even think twice about, using skincare products that have been opened since who knows when. Bottom line, if you do not know when you opened it, toss it. I mean, you wouldn't eat something out of the fridge that you had no idea when you opened it, would you?
Question 2: When Is The Last Time I Used This?
If you do not know this answer, you guessed it, it's time to say goodbye! But one great way to avoid skincare hoarding (no worries, we will not tell anyone) is weeding out your products. New one in, old one out!

Question 3: How Can I Tell If The Product Is Bad?
To continue your seasonal reboot, you want to look at the shelf-life of the beauty products you set aside for keepers. Since there are no FDA requirements for manufacturers to have a specific date listed on the label or packaging of beauty products, it can be a guessing game as to if the product is still safe to use. And this is where your five senses come in, and you want to look at:

  • Are there any color changes?
  • Is the texture now different?
  • Does the product have an odd smell?
  • Is there any separation of the product?
  • Has it dried out?

Bonus Tip: A sharpie is your best friend. As soon as you open a product write that date on with a black sharpie! This will help you from playing the guessing game in the future.

Question 4: Life Expectancy Of Skincare Products
Aside from using your five senses, there are some suggested shelf lives you should keep in mind when it comes to the life expectancy of your skincare products, for example:

  • Cleanser: 1 year
  • BHA or AHA: 1 year
  • Toner: 6 months to 1 year
  • Moisturizer: 6 months to 1 year

Transition Your Skincare Routine From Winter To Spring

Okay, now that you have organized all of your skincare products, it is time to spring clean your skincare routine. And start sloughing off that winter build-up of dried skin cells to reveal hydrated, glowing, healthy spring skin! 

 Transition your skincare from winter to spring by treceuticals

Treat Yourself To A Peel

Spring is peel season, from micro-needling to at-home skincare treatments. Spring is the perfect time of year to peel, polish, and protect your skin! A really great way to accomplish this is with our SUNDAY PEEL WEEKLY TREACTIVES. Bring back your skin's natural glow with improved texture, tone, and elasticity.

Switch To A Lighter Moisturizer

That heavy moisturizer you were using in the Winter months can clog your pores.
Instead, you want to switch to a LIGHTWEIGHT, HYDRATING MOISTURIZER like our Infusing Hydrator, which does it all!

We've used highly advanced peptides, hydrating hyaluronic acid, nourishing vitamins, and CBD oil to create a potent antioxidant-infused Springtime moisturizer.

Improve Your Skin's Hydration

The dry indoor heat has wreaked havoc on the skin during the winter. Not only has this heat zapped moisture from the skin, but it can also lead to accelerated aging. To help revamp those winter complexion blues, we suggest adding some skincare products that contain active ingredients to renew your skin's youthful glow while protecting your skin from environmental factors you are exposed to in the Spring.
Ingredients like:
Retinol: To increase cell turnover, reduce fine lines while enhancing texture and tone.
Antioxidants: That nourish, protect, and rejuvenate your skin this Spring while reducing the harmful effects of free radical damage.
Hydroxy Acid: To smooth, brighten and exfoliate your skin, allowing new cells to emerge and create that youthful Springtime glow.


Can cbd oil get rid of acne by treceuticals

Use Skincare Products Infused With Full Spectrum Oil

Known for its healing properties, cannabidiol offers some serious antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Skincare infused with Full Spectrum oil can be beneficial, especially in the warmer weather when we are exposed to more heat, humidity, and sweat; all of which can impact seasonal glow, or worse, causing the skin to flare up.

Treat Your Spring Acne With Full Spectrum Skincare

If warmer weather brings out the worst in your acne, here's good news: Skincare infused with Full Spectrum Oil  may help banish breakouts. Research has firmly established that acne is an inflammatory condition. Although multiple factors trigger acne, we know that anything you apply to skin that can reduce inflammation and help soothe skin (that's where Full Spectrum Oil comes in) is likely to reduce breakouts, especially acne-related redness visibly. Numerous studies have shown that Full Spectrum Oil has anti-inflammatory benefits when applied to the skin. This makes Full Spectrum Oil a suitable ingredient for acne-prone skin, while its calming benefits help reactive skin look and feel better. Research also shows that Full Spectrum Oil has the potential to decrease excess sebum (oil) production, possibly due to its balancing effect on the flow of skin's oil.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Now you may be wondering what makeup brushes have to do with skincare. The fact is, skincare and makeup go hand in hand. Furthermore, makeup brushes harbor large amounts of dead skin cells, makeup, oil, and bacteria. Who wants to put that all over their face?? Not us! And if that wasn't bad enough, dirty makeup brushes can lead to premature aging as we expose our skin to oxidative stress.


Author: Barbie Ritzman

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