How Long Should You Wait for Your Skin to Get Used to New Skincare Products?

How Long Should You Wait for Your Skin to Get Used to New Skincare Products, By Treceuticals

We’ve all been there. You hear about a new skincare essential that’s been creating a lot of buzz online and your friend tells you about how it’s been working wonders on her complexion. So you buy the product, hoping it’ll do the same, but sadly, you’ve been experiencing some irritation and breakouts. So what should you do? 


When it comes to changing your skincare routine, it’s all about patience. The adjustment period can feel long, but it’s essential to unlocking a skincare product’s full potential on your complexion. Only after this period can you really know whether its active ingredients are truly working on your skin.


In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Why is There an Adjustment Period?
  • How Long is the Adjustment Period to a New Skincare Product?
  • What’s the Right Way to Introduce a New Product to My Skincare Routine?
  • When You Shouldn’t Respect the Adjustment Period
  • The Two TreCeuticals Products That Need Time to Work
  • How to Soothe Your Skin While it Adjusts to New Products

Why is There an Adjustment Period?

The active ingredients of a skincare product need time to work their magic. In the beginning, you may experience “skin purging,” which is a common reaction to an increased skin cell turnover rate that involves temporary effects like peeling or breaking out. Before these new skin cells can work their way to the surface of your complexion, certain other particles need to rise to the top first; this includes excess sebum and bacteria that end up clogging pores and causing acne and blackheads.


Instead of giving up hope on your new skincare find, keep in mind that experiencing some reactions on your quest for better skin is totally normal- purging just means that your skin cells are shedding faster than normal, helping create visible results that enhance your complexion and bring you one step closer to your beauty goals! So the next time you’re introducing a new item to your skincare routine, remember to wait through this adjustment period as your skin rebalances.


How Long Is The Adjustment Time to a New Skincare Product?

The answer depends. Naturally, your skin will adjust differently to certain products. Some gentle skincare products work quickly on your complexion, like a moisturizer or hydrating serum. On the other hand, something that’s potent and targeted to treat specific skin concerns like acne or pigmentation, however, is going to take a little longer since the actives need to work on a cellular level. In these cases, one month is the average time needed for your skin to adjust, and up to three months to see visible effects. Balancing toners also require some adjustment time as they need to change your skin’s pH; give it at least two weeks!


To sum it up, the more work that needs to be done on a deeper level, the longer it’ll take for your skin to adjust and for you to see the difference. If a skincare product is promising “instant effects,” you can assume that means the benefits are superficial and temporary since real results actually require time to transform on a cellular level.

What’s the Right Way to Introduce a New Product to My Skincare Routine?

When trying a new skincare product, make an effort to limit your routine to one new product at a time so you can easily observe its full potential. Following a strict one-at-a-time approach can help you clearly assess what works and what doesn’t.


What your adjustment period should look like also depends on the skin concern you’re tackling. For example, for aesthetic concerns like persistent acne, visible fine lines, or sunspots, you’ll need to be consistent and mentally prepare to see slower, progressive improvement over the long-term. Feeling skeptical? Take weekly selfies to see your results!

When You Shouldn’t Respect the Adjustment Period

Reactions like skin purging are normal, especially in the beginning, so don’t throw in your towel just yet! If you’re experiencing mild irritation, it will most likely clear up after a few weeks, especially with potent active ingredients like retinol. While it may feel counterintuitive, skin purging is a sign that the potent skincare ingredient (like acids or retinol) is doing its job.


However, if you’re experiencing rashes with a new skincare product or your skin still hasn’t cleared up after 4 weeks, discontinue use immediately and consult with your dermatologist. 


Introducing new active ingredients to your skin can cause purging, but everyone is different. For most people, these reactions clear up in a few weeks, but for others, they might not. For those with especially sensitive skin types, the breakouts and irritation may unfortunately be ever-lingering.


The Two TreCeuticals Products That Need Time to Work

Sunday Peel

This antioxidant-infused exfoliator is formulated with a scientifically-advanced blend of potent hydroxy acids to offer your complexion major results. Each weekly application promotes improved skin texture, a more even tone, and youthful elasticity. Once you’ve passed the adjustment period, skin cell turnover is activated and purging improves with continued use. After four to six weeks, your skin should look better than ever.


Everyday But Sunday

These nightly facial pads offer a potent combination of highly-effective active ingredients like retinol to achieve a noticeably more bouncy, radiant complexion. Be sure to discontinue the use of other potent nighttime skincare in your evening routine when using these pads to give your skin time to absorb retinol’s transformative effects.


How to Soothe Your Skin While it Adjusts to New Products 

Retinol-concentrated products can cause temporary flaking, dryness, and sensitivity in the beginning. To help your skin adjust, apply deeply hydrating creams like the Infusing Hydrator for overnight protection and rejuvenation. You can also use nourishing facial mists like Mist Me Baby! that can soothe your skin throughout the day.




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