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Beauty Rehab To Treat Hangover Skin

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Did you know that alcohol can also wreak havoc on your skin. From dryness, dullness, dehydration, breakouts, even premature aging. But what are you to do? Start right away with these Beauty Rehab Tips To Treat Hangover Skin!

Alcohol-Rehab Skincare Plan To Treat Hangover Skin

To help prep a proper alcohol-rehab skincare plan, you'll need to give your skin a little extra TLC the night of and the following day. 

Plan Your Time... White Wine, Red Wine, A Cocktail, Or On The Rocks

Is one drink worse than another? Well, they all have some negatives. For example, white wine is high in sugar, one of the main culprits for dehydration and severe headaches. The same is with cocktails, especially those mixed with fruit juices and syrups. Moving on to red wine, while it is better of the three as it has less sugar, red wines can release histamine, which can cause the blood vessels to expand, contributing to the flushing of the skin.  


Solutions: Make a red wine spritzer using soda water or soda water with lime if you are a liquor lover, or just go for over the rocks. If wine is your poison, one tip shared by a wine sommelier, the higher the ABV (alcohol beverage volume), the less sugar in it. So this is one thing to consider since sugar is the leading culprit to a hangover and dehydrated skin.



 Best skincare tips to treat hangover skin By Treceuticals skincare

The Night Before Beauty Routine

It would be best if you implemented these tips below before you pass out. This is why we suggest laying some of this out before you crack open that bottle of wine, as searching for some of these must-have beauty items likely will get closer to a big NO later in the night. 

Late Night Snack

Before going to sleep, make sure you eat a slice of fruit like an apple that is high in fructose, which will help your liver detoxify more efficiently making the hungover face effects show up a little less.

Remove Your Makeup

No matter how comfy that bed may look, you need to remove your makeup before you pass out. Going to bed with clean skin is one of the essential steps in saving your next day's skin. It doesn't have to be anything complicated. However, we do suggest a gentle cleanser for your hangover skin woes that contain ingredients like...


  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea which can help reduce skin irritation, skin redness, and swelling
  • For dullness, Vitamin C is amazing
  • Hydration and the healing effects from full spectrum oil and Vitamin E

Manage To Moisture

We say manage jokingly as you may not do this task at its best but something is better than nothing. You want to make sure before you hit the sheets that you have applied a hydrating mask to restore your skin overnight alleviating dullness and fighting under-eye circles the next day. 


Hangover skincare treatments By Treceuticals skincare

Sleep With Aromatherapy Eye Mask

Beauty sleep is real. And drinking can impact your realm sleep, so you really do need something to help you sleep the entire night through. And a warm compress for eyes (with a heated eye mask) is incredibly beneficial for relieving irritation, dryness, and redness in the eyes as warmth is known to ease pain and increase blood flow. A bonus is to look for one that is also an aromatherapy mask; our favorite is the sweet scent of lavender to help relax.

Morning After (or should we say the day after) Hangover Face Routine

While you are waiting for that ibuprofen to kick in, you need to start right away on that hangover face by calming inflammation, reducing puffiness, and hydrating the skin.


Cold Splash Or More Like A Cold Dunk

To depuff your skin, you need a shot of coldness. Now, do not get nausea. We are not talking about any alcohol shots but exposing your skin to cold temperatures as this will shrink capillaries and stimulate lymphatic drainage, ultimately reducing inflamed, puffy skin and eyes! Check out some of our favorites below.

Tip 1

Fill your sink with water and ice cubes along with some witch hazel, and yep you guessed it dunk your face in the water. A splash is not sufficient enough. You need to emerge your face in the water. Do this about ten times. 

Tip 2

Keep your skincare in a skincare fridge. Chilled beauty products constrict blood vessels, fighting inflammation and redness associated with hungover skin. Think eye creams, soothing masks, even a hydrating mist.

A Cool Calming Eye Treatment

Puffiness around the eyes is a common side effect from a night of too many drinks, not enough sleep, water retention, leaving your eyes screaming for some LOVE. And an excellent trick store your eye cream in the fridge! The relief that comes from using a fresh-out-of-the-fridge eye cream is to die for. 


A fantastic eye cream is our  Eye Love Cream. This eye cream is excellent as it has effective, nutrient-rich ingredients to tackle alcohol-induced issues such as puffiness and dehydration. And this eye cream does just that as it is enriched with full spectrum oil to the bag those hangover eyes- full-spectrum oil is known to soothe and nourish the skin.


Benefits of placing skincare in the fridge By Treceuticals skincare

Mist Me Baby With A Calming Facial Mist

Facial mists have become a staple in many skincare junkies' skincare fridge. Keeping these skin-savers chilled makes a great way to calm, soothe, and hydrate the skin. Infused with therapeutic oil, coconut water, hyaluronic acid, calming chamomile, and aloe, our hydrating skin spritz is the pick-me-up to refresh your hungover skin throughout the day and achieve that plump, dewy glow. Just what the doctor ordered!

A Cold Jade Roller Or Gua Sha Stone

A face massage is the key to reducing post-alcohol puffiness as it helps boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Better than just using your fingers, a cool jade roller or Gua Sha stone is our go-to beauty tool after enjoying a bottle of Pinot Noir. Not only will this beauty help to restore your skin to its toned and supple self, but it is excellent at relaxing your muscles and stimulating circulation, relieving that hangover headache.

Stay Away From Greasy Comfort Foods

While many think nursing a hangover with burgers, comfort foods, or sugary carbs helps them feel better, the truth is these types of food work against you. According to studies, drinking is hard on your organs. You're dehydrated, for starters, and [your] water process is dragging behind, so to speak; that's what happens from dehydration and inflammation. Then there's the puffiness, redness, and this is only the skin were are talking about. This is why consuming foods that are difficult to digest or contain even more toxins will keep you looking ragged a bit longer. 


Alternative:  Drink warm water with lemon, eat warm cooked vegetables, soups, foods like high in omega like salmon, avocado, and eggs for protein. And while most of us will grab that cup of coffee before you eat, drink a green juice or smoothie with spinach and less sugary fruits to hydrate the skin from the inside out instantly!

Reclaim That Glow

By now, some of the above has kicked in! So to end this post and the day after last night's drinking, exfoliation is one of the best ways to repair your hungover skin and to get that glow back! 


Author: Barbie Ritzman

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